The Atlanta Symphony Associates' 75-year history of support for the ASO includes service through volunteerism, community-building and fundraising. Current projects support ASO educational efforts. ASA members hail from diverse backgrounds and enjoy gathering for performances by individual ASO musicians as well as concerts at the Woodruff Arts Center.

Become a Member

Becoming a member of the Atlanta Symphony Associates (ASA) is simple! Members enjoy exclusive chamber musical programs, share special friendships, and have the opportunity to participate in various ASA projects and programs.

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ASA Events

The Atlanta Symphony Associates are thrilled to gather in person as we enter the 2021/22 season. Our new ASA Tutti will include all ASA members and guests.  The traditional ASA units Ensemble, Encore and Concert will also host individual events.

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ASA Board

We are grateful for the strong leadership which has continued through the past challenging year and leads us forward into our 2021/22 season.

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Nancy Janet, President, ASA

From The President

Nancy Janet, President

I share my greetings as we begin the new 2021 fall season for both the ASA and the ASO! We look forward to turning the page to new opportunities and returning to well-loved in-person concerts and gatherings. As I shift my ASA theme from the 2020 message of "The ASA Today – Stay Tuned" to the 2021 message of "ASA Tutti – Playing Together, Moving Forward" I feel the excitement of coming together in love and support for our own ASO.

Your ASA Board has been steadfast and committed to assuring a healthy return of our vibrant ASA organization with over 75 years of history of friendship, volunteerism, fund raising and fun gatherings to hear ASO musicians and share events. This season we expand the wonderful Encore, Ensemble and Concerto unit formats with our new ASA Tutti gatherings. ASA Tutti echoes the orchestral musical term for "everyone plays." This inclusive format provides opportunities for social gatherings to build and renew friendships with fellow symphony lovers and to attend selected symphony performances together. As the Woodruff Arts Center returns to its full operations, we look forward to our Tutti concerts and special events.

This year the ASA continues its fund raising efforts in a very focused way. During this renewal season ALL of the ASA member renewal funds serve as donations to the ASO Educational Fund benefitting the ASO Talent Development Program and the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra among other educational programs. Continuing its rich history of support of educational programs, the ASA is pleased to announce that as of this writing we have raised over $5,000 in funds for these important programs and our efforts continue.

Thank you for finding us on the ASO website and please join us soon as our guest to become part of the ASA family.

Fondly in Service,

Nancy Janet, President
Atlanta Symphony Associates