The Atlanta Symphony Associates' longstanding history of support for the ASO includes service through volunteerism, community-building, educational efforts and fundraising.

The ASA welcomes all new members and it's easy to join us! There are many benefits to becoming an ASA member such as enjoying exclusive chamber music programs, sharing special friendships, and having the opportunity to participate in various ASA projects and programs.

Members enjoy an annual spring luncheon, a fall luncheon to commemorate the opening of the ASO season, and interim musical events held in various locations. In addition there is a holiday celebration held each December. These offer great opportunities to meet other enthusiastic classical music lovers and listen to music performed by professional musicians, usually from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

In addition, members are invited to participate in Tutti, a special pre-concert social gathering of ASO Patrons, ASA members and friends. Tutti is organized by the ASO and takes place before the Sunday concerts that are scheduled during the concert season.

The ASA also promotes and supports the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO), the Talent Development Program (TDP), and the ASA sponsors a “Chair” in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The next time you attend a performance look for the listing under the musician section in your program.

Prior to the Pandemic of 2020, the Atlanta Symphony Associates (ASA) was organized into three groups. This was organized primarily geographically and allowed for informal gatherings in the day or evenings in private homes with guest musicians who would attend and perform for the groups. The Pandemic changed our ability to offer events like this, however, we are currently working to reform programs for these groups and anticipate they may become available again in the future. We have currently opted to come together as one larger group several times a year in order to better serve the needs of all.

Programs for Encore, Ensemble and Concerto groups will be posted and sent out to our members by our ASA email as they are developed again in the future.

Become a Member

Becoming a member of the Atlanta Symphony Associates (ASA) is simple. Members enjoy exclusive chamber music programs, share special friendships, and have the opportunity to participate in various ASA projects and programs.

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ASA Events

The Atlanta Symphony Associates are thrilled to gather in person as the ASA units Ensemble, Encore and Concert host individual events.

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ASA Board

We are grateful for the strong leadership during the orchestral seasons.

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ASA President Joan Abernathy

From The President

Joan Abernathy, PhD
ASA President, 2022/23

These past two years have challenged many and have created life changing circumstances. The ASO weathered the storm, met the challenge and came out stronger because of the support and determination of you and many other Patrons, donors, and volunteers. Let’s put these two years behind us and move forward and create new memories, meet new Friends and create a new life journey together as we support our orchestra and all of those associated with it.

Thank you for being a major part of the ASO. As an Atlanta Symphony Associate you are a key part of the future of the ASO as the concerts come back and the youth concerts begin once again.

Our Fall is going to be busy and we need YOU now. We are going to need your volunteer efforts once again to support our mission with the youth of today. If you are looking at our group for the first time know that we can use your help. If you are renewing we thank you for coming back. Many of us have been members for over 20 years and cannot imagine not having the beauty of classical music and the friendships of the ASO musicians in our lives.

Stay tuned for another update soon as we announce our events for this Fall!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Joan Abernathy, PhD
ASA President, 2022/23