We are never too young to learn about music, and this program is designed to teach children right from the start. This series introduces music and instruments to our littlest listeners.

Audience: Toddlers to early elementary aged children.
Time: Under 10 minutes each.

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Meet the Harp with Elisabeth Remy Johnson

Who isn’t curious about the harp? ASO Principal Harpist Elisabeth introduces the magical sound of the harp and shares the secrets of how to play the instrument. Plus, learn how to make your own harp!


Make Your Own: Shoebox Harp


Meet the French Horn with Chelsea McFarland and Sue Welty

Did you know the French Horn is up to 13 feet long when uncoiled? Join Chelsea and Sue in learning about the parts of the instrument, making a sound, and creating your own brass instrument...no brass required. Plus, can you guess their mystery song?!


Make Your Own: Hose-a-Phone Horn


Meet the Voice with Erin Jones & Family

Learn how to warm up your body, mind and voice to sound your best with ASO Chorus Member Erin Jones and special helpers Eva and Aria. Participate in fun vocal exercises and even a few yoga poses to get ready for singing. Fun for the whole family!