All concerts at Symphony Hall are accessible to people with special needs. Accessible tickets may be purchased directly through Ticketmaster and are marked or indicated when selecting seats. Persons requiring additional assistance are requested to call the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Box Office at 404.733.5000 ext. 3 in advance.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, hours and information stated below and on this website are subject to change. Please call the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Box Office at 404.733.5000 ext. 3 should you have any questions.

What should I wear to an Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Concert?

Anything that makes you feel comfortable is fine. Most people will be wearing business clothes or slightly dressy casual clothes, but you'll see everything from khakis to cocktail dresses. Some people enjoy dressing up and making a special night of it, and you can too. Still, evening gowns and tuxedos are rare unless you're attending our annual Symphony Gala.

For Delta Atlanta Symphony Hall LIVE and Movies in Concert performances, guests tend to dress in more casual wear. Some guests even dress in themed costumes for certain films.

What if I don't know anything about classical music? Do I need to study beforehand?

There's no need to study. The music will speak for itself. Just come and enjoy.

Over time, many frequent concertgoers do find their enjoyment is deeper if they prepare for a concert. This can be simple, like reading the program notes; or it can be more involved, like listening to recordings of the music to be performed in the days before they attend a concert.

Will I recognize any of the music?

You might. Classical music is all around us: in commercials, movie soundtracks, television themes, cartoons, and retail shops. Popular music often quotes classical melodies, too. While you're listening in the concert to a piece you think you've never heard before, a tune you've heard a hundred times may jump out at you. Whether or not you've heard the music before the concert, as you listen, you'll notice that each classical piece uses its own group of several melodies over and over, in different ways.

You'll start to recognize these melodies as the music progresses. Listen for the ways a melody is repeated: Is it exactly the same as the first time, or with a different character? Is it played by the same instruments or different ones? Does it start the same as before, but go off in a different direction? Or start differently and surprise you by developing into the melody you recognize from earlier in the piece?

How long will the concert be?

It varies, but most orchestra concerts are about 90 minutes to two hours long, with an intermission at the halfway point. Typically, there will be several pieces on the program, but sometimes there is one single piece played straight through.

Can I bring the kids?

Children under the age of four are not permitted to attend classical performances – the programs tend to be too long for children. However, while our Delta Classical concerts are perfect for adults, kids and their families may enjoy our Family Concerts, Movies In Concert, Delta Atlanta Symphony Hall LIVE, and some of our Coca-Cola Holiday concerts.

What is your ticket policy?

All sales are final. Artists and programs are subject to change without prior notice and changes are not cause for a refund. Inclement weather is not a cause for a refund unless the performance is cancelled. In the event of severe rain or snow, weather updates and performance status are noted on the homepage. All persons entering the concert venue must have a ticket. Please check the event listing for family-friendly designation. Latecomers and those who exit during the performance will be seated at the discretion of the facility staff. Copying any performance by camera, audio, or video recording equipment is prohibited.

What if I'm unable to attend my Delta Classical performance?

If you cannot attend a Delta Classical concert, simply exchange your tickets by 4 p.m. the day before the performance. Subscribers may exchange tickets at no charge; single ticket holders may exchange for an additional fee. You may exchange tickets by mail, in person or by phone for another performance within the same season. There is an additional cost if seating upgrades apply and all exchange requests are subject to availability.

You may also donate your Delta Classical tickets back to the Atlanta Symphony and receive a donation receipt in January. Tickets must be donated back at least one hour before the performance. You may donate tickets by mail, in person, or by phone with the Box Office.

What if I've lost my tickets?

If you have lost or misplaced your concert tickets, please contact the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Box Office in advance. In most cases, the Box Office can provide you with duplicate tickets, which can be picked up just prior to the concert.

What if I need a wheelchair?

A limited number of wheelchairs are available to help disabled patrons to their seats. Please see a security officer upon arrival in the turn-around lane in the south entrance off of Peachtree Street (Callaway Plaza) for assistance.

How do I get to Atlanta Symphony Hall? And where do I park?

Atlanta Symphony Hall is located within the Woodruff Arts Center on the corner of 15th and Peachtree in the heart of Midtown.

Directions & Parking

Handicapped parking is available on all levels of the Woodruff Arts Center Parking Garage.

What are the hours for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Box Office?

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Box Office is open 4 hours prior to a performance time and closes at the end of intermission. If a performance has no intermission, the Box Office will close 30 minutes after the performance start time.

The weather looks bad, will there be a performance?

For updates on concerts in the case of severe inclement weather, check online for information on performances or call the ASO’s Concert Hotline at 404.733.4949.

Where can I get tickets to concerts and events?

Tickets to concerts and events at Symphony Hall are primarily offered at and all Ticketmaster outlets.

*Other ticket sources for performances at Symphony Hall may be fraudulent and not honored for admission.

What items are not allowed inside Atlanta Symphony Hall?

The following are NOT permitted on the venue premises:

  • Weapons of any kind, including firearms, knives and other items deemed dangerous
  • Backpacks or oversized purses
  • Large umbrellas
  • Instruments and cases
  • Professional cameras with detachable lenses
  • Video/audio recording devices
  • iPads and laptops

What if my question is not answered here?

If you have additional questions, please call the ASO Season Tickets Office at 404.733.4800.