The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra under Resident Conductor Jerry Hou proudly presents Water, Water Everywhere and Atlanta Composer Stories.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Jerry Hou, Conductor
The water cycle as you have never heard it explained before. Take a musical adventure through the perspective of a water droplet as the sounds of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra lead the progression from one stage of the water cycle to another. Connect the compositions and composers with science in this multimedia, standards embedded offering. To complement your curriculum prior to school resuming this fall, a complete lesson plan will be added this summer.

Audience: Elementary Students (4th and 5th grade)

Program includes excerpts from:
Water Music, Alla Hornpipe, George Frideric Handel
Symphony 6 in F Major, Mvt. II, Ludwig van Beethoven
Flying Dutchman Overture, Richard Wagner
Sunrise from Also sprach Zarathustra, Richard Strauss
Nuages from Trois Nocturnes, Claude Debussy
Winter from Four Seasons, I. Allegro non molto, Antonio Vivaldi
Symphony 6 in F Major, Mvt. IV, Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony 6 in F Major, Mvt. V, Ludwig van Beethoven
On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Johann Strauss, II

Atlanta Composer Stories

Jerry Hou, Conductor 
This documentary style concert highlights three emerging composers who call Atlanta their hometown. Elise Arancio, Viet Cuong, and Joel Thompson share insights with conductor Jerry Hou as the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performs their modern works. Hear the musical and social influences behind these inspiring young artists. 

Audience: 7-12 Grade; Adult
Time: 60 Minutes 

Program includes:
Bite Your Tongue, Elise Arancio 
Extra(ordinarily) Fancy, Viet Cuong
La Lluvia, Joel Thompson