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  • Jennifer Barlament,
    Executive Director
    Read Biography
  • Alvinetta Cooksey,
    Executive and Finance Assistant


  • Robert Spano,
    Music Director
  • Donald Runnicles,
    Principal Guest Conductor
  • Jerry Hou,
    Associate Conductor & Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra Music Director
  • Carol Wyatt,
    Executive Assistant to The Music Director & Principal Guest Conductor
  • Norman Mackenzie,
    Director of Choruses
  • Jeffrey Baxter, 
    Choral Administrator
  • Bob Scarr,
    Archivist & Special Projects Coordinator

Education and Community Engagement

  • Sarah Grant,
    Director of Education
  • Ryan Walks,
    Talent Development Program Manager


  • Sameed Afghani,
    Vice President and General Manager
  • Tyler Benware,
    Director of Operations and ASYO
  • Elizabeth Graiser,
    Manager of Operations and ASYO
  • Victoria Moore,
    Director of Orchestra Personnel
  • Hsing-I Ho,
    Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager
  • Paul Barrett,
    Senior Production Stage Manager
  • Richard Carvlin,
    Stage Manager
  • Katie Klich,
    Principal Librarian
  • Holly Matthews,
    Assistant Principal Librarian
  • Hannah Davis,
    Assistant Librarian

Marketing and Communications

  • Tammy Hawk,
    Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Leah Branstetter,
    Director of Digital Content
  • Adam Fenton,
    Director of Multimedia Technology
  • Will Strawn,
    Associate Director of Symphony Hall LIVE
  • Elizabeth Daniell,
    Associate Director of Communications
  • Caitlin Buckers,
    Marketing Manager of Symphony Hall LIVE
  • Delle Beganie,
    Content and Production Manager
  • Rob Phipps,
    Director of Publications
  • Lisa Eng,
    Multimedia Creative Manager

Sales and Revenue Management

  • Russell Wheeler,
    Vice President, Sales and Revenue Management
  • Jesse Pace,
    Manager of Patron Experience and Season Tickets
  • Erin Jones,
    Sales Manager
  • Jack McCabe,
    Teleservices Manager
  • Robin Smith,
    Patron Services and Season Ticket Associate
  • Dennis Quinlan,
    Data Analyst
  • Megan Brook,
    Front of House Manager
  • Ronald MacDuff,
    Front of House and Guest Services Supervisor

Atlanta Symphony Hall LIVE

  • Nicole Panunti,
    Vice President, Atlanta Symphony Hall LIVE
  • Christine Lawrence,
    Associate Director of Guest Services
  • Joanne Lerner,
    Atlanta Symphony Hall Event Manager
  • Michael Tamucci,
    Booking & Event Manager, Atlanta Symphony Hall LIVE

Finance and Administration

  • Susan Ambo,
    CFO & VP of Business Operations
  • Kimberly Hielsberg,
    Senior Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
  • April Satterfield,
  • Elise Kolle,
    Executive Assistant to Senior Management


  • Grace Sipusic,
    Vice President of Development
  • Cheri Snyder,
    Senior Director of Development
  • William Keene,
    Director of Annual Giving
  • James Paulk,
    Annual Giving Officer
  • Nancy Field,
    Manager of Grants & Communications
  • Stephanie Smith,
    Development Services Manager
  • Catherine MacGregor,
    Assistant Manager of Donor Engagement
  • Dana Parness,
    Individual Giving Coordinator
  • Sarah Wilson,
    Development Operations Associate