When people talk about estate planning and leaving a legacy, the focus tends to be on final arrangements and finances. But those two things alone don’t tell your story. Think about the values you want to pass down to future generations and how you might share them with your family and friends.

Meaningful Memories

What do you want your loved ones to know? How would you like to pass on this information?

  • Audio/video recordings preserve the oral tradition of storytelling. Make voice memos or video clips on a phone, tablet or computer and store them in a safe location. Remember to leave your password with a trusted individual if the device is protected by one.
  • Handwritten letters, journals and old photos with captions make your records feel more personal. Your loved ones will treasure your handwriting.
  • Create a memory box where you can collect the personal materials you’d like to share, along with the necessary legal and financial documents.

Charitable Giving

What are the issues that matter to you? How can you extend your support beyond your lifetime?

  • Percentages in your will or beneficiary designations allow you to keep charitable giving as a proportion of your estate, so you can support loved ones and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
  • Retirement plan assets are highly taxed when left to heirs, making them an excellent gift to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra after your lifetime.

What’s Next?

Now is the time to start thinking about the legacy you hope to leave someday. If you see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra as part of your legacy story, please contact James Paulk at 404.733.4485 or Email James Paulk to talk about your options.

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, under the Woodruff Arts Center, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID: 58-0633971

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