Sonayon Ayeni
Talent Development Program
Class of 2026, Viola

Sonayon Ayeni



Sonayon Ayeni is currently 14 years old attending Duluth Highschool, and has played viola for 3 years, starting in 6th grade at Duluth Middle School at 11 years old. Sonayon originally had some prior music experience on the piano, but his passion was once more ignited when he joined orchestra. The viola intrigued Sonayon, as it was an instrument he was unfamiliar with and seemed more interesting than violin. In Sonayon's 8th grade year of 2022, he decided to audition for the GMEA All State Orchestra and was selected to play for the 'Middle School Orchestra.' Alongside this, Sonayon played in the Kendall Orchestra his 8th grade year, as well as the District 13 Middle School Honors Orchestra. Sonayon then entered the TDP program in 8th grade of 2022, and has since been studying with professional violist, Dr. Marilyn Seelman. Currently in his 9th grade year, Sonayon was selected for the 2023 GMEA 9/10th grade All State Orchestra and plays in GCYS (Gwinnet County Youth Symphony). In the future, Sonayon hopes to audition for orchestras such as the Emory Youth Orchestra. Sonayon's other passions or interests include: art (specifically drawing), fitness, composing music, listening to music, and watching good shows.

Fun Fact: Sonayon is also bilingual, speaking Yoruba mainly at home.