Enjoy access to the entire spring series for just $20.

College students can enjoy 75% off a Virtual Spring Membership now with the new ASO College Pass.

College can be difficult. Let us lighten your load (and your wallet!) with our new $20 ASO College Pass. Enjoy each concert premiere from the comfort of your living room or wherever you may be! Stream on your laptop, cast to your smart TV or enjoy on-the-go from your mobile device. View spring concerts.

*Must have a valid college email address to qualify.


The ASO College Pass includes the following benefits:

  • Virtual access to all spring concerts in the Behind the Curtain series for just $20.
  • Access to the ASO Tech Squad– a live, pre-concert concierge service to assist with account access and virtual concert viewing.
  • Watch (and re-watch!) virtual concerts for one month after each premiere.
  • Access to exclusive content including artist interviews before each performance.

To access your ASO College Pass, provide the following information:

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