Alia Hampton
Talent Development Program
Class of 2025, Harp

Alia Hampton



Hi, my name is Alia Hampton, I'm 14 years old and I go to Charles R. Drew Charter School. I've been playing the harp for about 3 years, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Originally, I didn't really want to play the harp, but once I started to play, I realized how much fun it truly is!

Learning to play such a beautiful instrument has been an interesting experience, and I'm glad I've gotten this far with it. I am currently a member of the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble and I have been a member of the TDP program since 2020. Aside from playing the harp, I also like to read, draw, and swim in my free time. I've loved to swim ever since I was young, and still do now. Recently I took part in the Enanga Harp Festival, which is a harp summer program in Atlanta. I enjoyed meeting the people there and learning new pieces!